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BDW Energy was officially established in 2011 and has been delivering economically viable alternative energy solutions to our clients.


The Shareholders are from diverse and experienced energy, construction and finance Industry backgrounds, offering outstanding knowledge and knowhow skills.


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BDW Energy specialises in the sustainability of green energy, Energy Optimization, and off-grid energy solutions. Technologically advanced solutions are offered for on and off-grid applications, making use of the latest and best technologies available in the industry.

The services offered are designed to help clients to improve the efficiency in resource utilization, to promote the dimensions of environmental sustainability and the total cost of ownership. Sustainability of business depends on the ability to create value in an ever-changing environment.



We assist Governments, Commercial Enterprise, and private individuals to implement sound and sustainable solutions and practices, which hold both economic benefit and which have become regulatory, social and ethical imperatives. We will also hold ourselves to a high standard by designing product and service recommendations to satisfy the actual utilization, expenditure and other client specific efficiency requirements.


To become the leading solution and service provider in the global market, and beyond, by supplying cutting edge technology, superior quality products, and tailor-made solutions to all that aspire to take part in the energy evolution ‐ electrifying the world and leading the energy industry. 

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